Self-education in the field of nolvadex has led to the fact that many patients, especially young mothers, try to prescribe an antibiotic for themselves (or their child) at the slightest sign of a cold.
nolvadex pills do not have a prophylactic effect - they treat the cause of the disease, that is, they eliminate microorganisms, and in the absence, only the side effects of the drugs appear.
There are a limited number of situations when antibiotics are administered before the clinical manifestations of infection, in order to prevent it:
surgery - in this case, the antibiotic in the blood and tissues prevents the development of infection. As a rule, a single dose of the drug administered 30-40 minutes before the intervention is sufficient.

Sometimes, even after appendectomy, antibiotics are not injected in the postoperative period.

After "clean" surgery, antibiotics are not prescribed at all. major injuries or wounds (open fractures, soil contamination of the wound).

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In this case, it is absolutely obvious that an infection has got into the wound and you should "crush" it before it manifests itself; emergency prophylaxis of syphilis is carried out during unprotected sexual contact with a potentially sick person, as well as with health workers who get the blood of an infected person or other biological fluid on the mucous membrane; penicillin can be prescribed to children to prevent rheumatic fever, which is a complication of angina.

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The use of antibiotics in children is generally no different from their use in other groups of people. For young children, pediatricians most often prescribe antibiotics in syrup.

This dosage form is more convenient to take, unlike injections, it is completely painless. Older children may be given antibiotics in tablets and capsules. In severe cases of infection, they switch to the parenteral route of administration - injections.

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Important: the main feature in the use of antibiotics in pediatrics is dosages - children are prescribed smaller doses, since the drug is calculated per kilogram of body weight. Antibiotics are very effective drugs with many side effects. In order to be cured with their help and not harm your body, they should be taken only as directed by a doctor. What antibiotics are there? In what cases is taking antibiotics necessary, and in what cases is it dangerous? The main rules of antibiotic treatment are told by the pediatrician, Dr. Komarovsky:

Antibiotics are waste products (or their synthetic analogs and homologues) of living cells (bacterial, fungal, plant and animal origin) that selectively suppress the functioning of other cells - microorganisms, tumor cells, etc.

This group includes hundreds of drugs of various chemical structures, differing in spectrum and mechanism of action, side effects and indications for use. There are antibiotics with antibacterial, antiprotozoal, antifungal, antiviral and antitumor activity.

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Nolvadex are divided into groups according to, as a rule, chemical structure (beta-lactams, macrolides, aminoglycosides, etc.). The high selectivity of the action of antibiotics on microorganisms with their low toxicity is most likely associated with the peculiarities of the metabolism of microbial cells, as well as significant differences in the rate of synthesis of structural components of cells of macro- and microorganisms. In the process of use, resistance of microorganisms can develop to antibiotics (especially rapidly in relation to streptomycin, rifamycin, slowly to penicillins, tetracyclines, chloramphenicol, rarely to polymyxins). The formation of cross-resistance is possible (i.e. not only to the drug used, but also to antibiotics of a similar structure, for example, to all tetracyclines).